Letters from Betty

August 26 Opem Primary June 16, 2014

The August 26 Open Primary is fast approaching! I will be updating you as fast as I can with Updates and website changes. Here are some of the more important links on our website with information that we want the Candidates and Voters to be aware of:
2014 Primary & General Candidates: Go to link.
This includes the candidates running for the August Primary on the first page, and those that will be running in the General Election in November will be listed on the second page. The statewide candidates are not listed on our Mohave County website but there is a link to the AZ Secretary of State’s site with a list of those candidates. Also, the city candidates are not listed on our website but again there are links to each individual cities holding elections. Fire Board and School Board candidates are not listed on our website either. We will be adding a list of “Withdrawals” and “Official Write-ins” before the Election to help keep our Voters informed on this matter.
Campaign Finance Reports: Go to link
This shows those candidates who have filed $500 Threshold Statements; Statement of Organizations; & the Campaign Finance Reports that have been filed.
Candidate Filing Information: Go to link
Any candidate that has filed a “Statement of Organization” must file a “Campaign Finance Report” or a “Statement of No Activity” by certain dates. The next reporting date is June 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014. The June 30th Report must be filed by 5 p.m. on Monday, June 30th. AZ Statute dictates late fines on any delinquent reports, starting at $10 per business day for any candidate who does not file on time, and these fines do increase the later the report is.
List of Polling Places: Go to Link
There have been some changes in polling locations. We are listing all the polling locations for the August 26, 2014 Primary on this web page, with the new locations highlighted. Since the Primary will be County wide, all 73 poll site locations will be used.
The following 4 links will be of great value to Registered Voters as it lets them search for their exact polling place, search to see if their early ballot has been received and processed; search to see if their provisional ballot was received and processed; and search to see their personal registration information in case they need to change their name, address, or political party. This information will help eliminate many of the concerns Voters have before and after election day. By checking and correcting information on their registration, Voters can make sure they will be given the correct ballot and not have to call Voter Registration on election day plus have to fill out a provisional ballot form.
Search Your Polling Place
Search Your Early Ballot
Search Your Provisional Ballot
Search Your Voter Registration Information
Arizona’s Open Primary Laws: Go to link
This is a very important bit of information to get out to the Voters! There is such a big misunderstanding about Arizona’s Open Primary. The news media can really help the Voter’s better understand this law by getting the word out that every registered Voter may vote in the Primary Election. This chart helps to explain the process. It is very important that the Voter know what party they are registered under (for some that may have been 30 or more years ago!). How the Voter is registered will determine which ballot they will be given. In the case of a Voter that didn’t designate a party, or marked their registration as Independent, Green, Reform, or some other unrecognized party, they will be able to select the party ballot of their choice from one of the recognized party ballots.
Poll Workers Needed: Go to link
Nancy is busy calling potential poll workers right now, trying to fill the 73 precinct boards for the August Primary. This link lists the different positions on the Poll Boards, duties, and their pay. Political Precinct committee people may work as poll workers, and would be very beneficial for them in understanding the election process.
Voter Registration, Go to link , has the following new web pages that are of interest to our Mohave County Voters. A voter may request to receive an Early Ballot, or even request to be placed on a Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) where they will be sent a ballot for every election they are qualified to vote in. No more missed elections or trying to remember election dates! There is also a form for those Voters who no longer wish to be on the Permanent Early Voting List. One can also find Registration forms and information for our Military Voters at the above link.
Early Ballot Request Form
Permanent Early Ballot Request Form
PEVL Removal Request Form
Again I would like to thank each of you for all you do to help us get the word out to our Mohave County Voters. The voice of our people can only be heard when they make their opinions known by casting their ballots. Being informed and having the correct information enables the Voters to accomplish their goals without hassle or confusion. You have always been there to help us and to assist our Voters. Thank you for the great job and hard work you do.

Training Dates For Mohave County June 12, 2014

Training Dates For Mohave County
The training dates schedule for the 2014 August Primary will be as follows:
July 31, 2014 9 a.m. (AZ Time) Colorado City & Moccasin Mohave Community College (480 Central St, #301)
August 1, 2014 9 a.m. (AZ Time) Beaver Dam / Littlefield Littlefield Unified School District Board Room (3490 E. Rio Virgin Rd)
August 4 & 5, 2014 8 a.m. Bullhead City & area City Council Chamber Room (2355 Trane Rd)
August 7 & 8, 2014 8 a.m. Lake Havasu City First Southern Baptist Church (113 Acoma Blvd)
August 11 & 12, 2014 8 a.m. Kingman & area BOS Auditorium (700 W. Beale St)
Once Nancy has the Inspectors all lined up, then she will be sending out schedules. Right now she is short 8 Inspectors!!! She will be assigning precincts to certain days, but this will give everyone an idea of the dates anyway.
Training Dates and New Locations
New Polling Locations for some in Mohave County
New approved polling locations are now published on the Mohave County Elections Department’s website at the following link: Go to link
These new polling places will affect the Voters of Mohave County in the August Primary Election and going forward. Please check the link to the “Mohave County Polling Sites and Addresses” on the above website as the highlighted sites will show that many poll sites are being affected by these changes.
These changes were made to more efficiently place voting locations or were due to a withdrawal by the different entities due to security reasons, new campaign electioneering laws, and pastoral reasons. We thank the past organizations that have so generously offered their places for election sites. The Elections Department is always looking for new locations, but due to a shortage of offers, they are having to combine precincts into single voting locations. In many cases these changes will be a benefit to the Voter as they will not have to “hunt” for their polling place if they chance to go to the wrong location. The Elections Department will continue to search for locations that meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance criteria as well as the general accessible location requirements of our Voters.

Re-certifi​ed January 9, 2014

Mohave County Elections, Recorder & Voter Registrati​on Re-certifi​ed!
Great news!
Election personnel across the state of Arizona have been taking classes this fall to become re-certified with the requirements of the Secretary of State. Mohave County had a great representation at the classes. Completing the courses were selected staff members from the Mohave County Recorder and Elections Departments, which included the Voter Registration ladies. Secretary of State Ken Bennett was in Kingman last Thursday, December 19, to present the certificates. I have attached a picture of the occasion! (Pictured left to right:  Allen Tempert, Lisa McKee, Betty Vernon, Charlie Abernathy, Ramona Whitton, Ken Bennett, Kim Stewart, Nancy Krahulec, Carol Meier, Kristi Rayevich, and Leona Hargis. Erma Allen was not present for the picture.)
Congratulations to all the participants! And congratulations to Mohave County for having a group of dedicated election people!
Safeguarding our Freedom to Vote!
Betty Vernon

Happy Holidays January 9, 2014

        Merry Christmas!    Happy New Year!    Happy Holidays!
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December 20, 2013
Dear Friends,
Tis the season once again, and I am sure everyone is bustling around filling their lists! We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season with a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
2014 will be another busy year with the big elections in August and November. We have been updating our web site go to link with 2014 dates and Candidate filing information. We have added two slide presentations to the page for “Candidate Filing Information” in the hopes that we can help guide our prospective candidates with their filings and reports. There have been some changes to some of the forms and petitions-some may be filled out on line but they cannot be submitted on line. Please direct any interested candidate to our web page! Go to link
We will be updating all of you as we receive new information concerning the 2014 Election year cycle Check our website often! In the meantime, enjoy the season with lots of visiting and sharing with family and friends!
Best Wishes!
Mohave County Elections Department
Allen Tempert
Betty Vernon
Nancy Krahulec
Charlie Abernathy

Peach Springs Election September 30, 2013

Hi Everyone,
We are busy preparing for the November 5, 2013, Peach Springs Unified School District M & O Election. Early voting for the registered Voters of that district will begin on October 10. The public logic and accuracy testing on the early voting equipment will be held on October 4, at 9 a.m., at the Elections Department in the Administration Building at 700 W Beale Street, Kingman AZ. On October 25, there will be a public logic and accuracy testing on the optical scan equipment and central count system. This too will be held at 9 a.m. at the Elections Department in the Administration Building at 700 W Beale Street, Kingman Az. The public is welcome to come and observe these tests.
Poll worker training for the 3 precincts will be held on October 28th and 29th. Nancy has contacted the poll workers and notified them of the time and place for their training. Training is a requirement by law and must be held within 45 days of each election.
All of the Mohave County Election office workers will be attending re-certification classes in Flagstaff presented by the Secretary of State’s Office on October 7th and 8th. There will be instructions on the new laws and procedures pertaining to voting and registration. These classes are required by all election and voter registration personnel.
This is a short update but will keep you posted as we get closer to 2014!
Safeguarding our Freedoms!
Betty Vernon
Peach Springs Election

QUICK NOTE September 16, 2013

Quick Note
Hi Everyone!
Just a quick note to let you know that there is a small 3 precinct poll site election on November 5, 2013. The Peach Springs Unified School District will have an M&O election which will involve only the Voters residing inside that school district. The 3 precincts involved are parts of Precinct 19 East Kingman, Precinct 27 Peach Springs, and Precinct 32 Truxton. Early Voting will begin October 10, with the last day to register being October 7. Some candidate prospects have been coming into the Elections Office to pick up paperwork for running in 2014. Many more possible candidates have pulled paperwork off our website.
We have updated our information with the new law changes and new petitions. Anyone interested in the county offices up for election in 2014 should check out our website. We have the dates and offices posted under “2014 Primary and General”
Thank you for helping us keep our public informed!
Have a great day!
Safeguarding our Right to Vote!

Voter Registration Figures September 8, 2013

Voter Registration Figures
The new July 1 Voter Registration figures are out! In visiting with Kim Stewart, Administrative Supervisor for Mohave County Voter Registration, she informed me that the Voter Registration Department has been busy working on returned mail and cross-state match files along with non-active voters to clear up the roles. This is a practice that they do after every General election cycle. They moved over seven thousand (7,000) inactive non voters and people who have moved out of area to the inactive or canceled files. Kim also reported the good news that they have added over 2,000 NEW Voters to the county registration files in the last 3 months, and over 3,700 total new Voters so far this year!
Here is a link to the Voter Registration web site where the Voter Registration figures are posted: Go to link
On another note, there are no Elections scheduled for this August. I will keep you posted on happenings for the November Election date as we receive and confirm any plans.
Hope everyone is enjoying some relaxation this summer! Get rested up as next year will be another busy election year!
Safeguarding our Right to Vote!