These are Betty’s letters coming to us, that will help and/or guide you throught any questions that you may have. And you can get updated info from your favorate Election Pollworker trainer. Her post will keep you updated for what is happening.
Betty works so hard in preparations for every elections we have. I have seen her at her desk plugging away at the computer so everything is perfect for the poll workers. Thank You Betty for all your hard work. How can we help her as she has helped us though our training for elections? Let’s try to help Betty remember our names.

Betty Vernon
2008 - Elections Coordinator-Born & lived in southeastern Montana for 50 years.

-Attended Billings Business College

-20 years Montana Election Judge

-12 years Mohave County AZ resident

-Mohave County Elections Dept. positions held:

2004 - Poll Site Inspector

2004 - Early Ballot Board Member

2005 - Federal Compliance Officer

2007 - Elections Assistant

-2011-Present -Deputy Elections Director

-2007 Certified Elections Officer by the AZ Secretary of State

(Recertified every 2 years since then)

-2012 Handwriting Analysis Training

Betty’s husband, Tim Vernon, and Betty were married in 1968, and they have 7 wonderful children and  have 12 remarkable grandchildren.  Don’t ask Betty about them unless you have plenty of time to listen!

Betty enjoys her job with the Elections Department, especially training and working with our Inspectors and Poll Workers.  Betty’s greatest fault is that she cannot remember all of your names, and she is so embarrassed as all of you always remember hers!

Now a note from Betty!!!!

Thank you for all your help and hard work in protecting our freedom to vote. 
You do a great job!
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