Workshop Agenda 2015
KRMC Professional building
1739 Beverly Ave
Kingman AZ 86401
Up stairs in the cottonwood room
1-2:30 pm Nora (928)757-4557
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Our Vision
Migration chart of Old Precincts to New! Click Here
New 24 Precincts with Polling Locations (showing consolidation)! Click Here
New 24 Precincts with Polling Locations & Addresses! Click Here
Hi Everyone!
The new precincts are now on our website. They are listed in 3 different ways: 1) Migration Chart of Old Precincts to New - listing both the old precinct’s number and name & showing the new name and location for that precinct; 2) New 24 Precincts with Polling Locations (showing consolidation) - this shows the number of old precincts being consolidated into the new precinct; 3) New 24 Precincts with Polling Locations & Addresses - shows the future listing of our new 24 precincts once everyone becomes acquainted with their new precinct number & name. As we move forward with our equipment purchase, I will be updating our website & will keep you informed as we go. I have begun to update our Poll Worker page with the new positions & I plan to add training manuals for these positions in the future. Here is the link to our Poll Worker Information page: Link We now have a Poll Worker Application form that can be filled out on line & is emailed to Nancy in our office. Nancy worked hard to be able to get this fast and speedy way for Poll Workers to sign up! Please pass the word to potential Poll Workers as we are always in need of reliable, interested Poll Workers!
Thank you for all you do in helping us keep our Mohave County Voters informed!
Betty Vernon