While working at a polling site, the idea occurred to me that we need more teamwork and communication to unify our differences for the success of any election to run smoother. Currently we have applied for a non-profit license to further our cause and to demonstrate our unity for the same purpose. Our vision is to build unity with each other through teamwork and communication, therefore establishing ourselves as successful poll workers as a forefront face for American voters.  We plan to gather donations through events and activities and give back through donating to local children’s hospitals.
We will have different activities through out the year. Please stay tuned for our upcoming announcements and more information. We can’t wait to see you there!

Election Poll Workers Of America looks forward
-To building Camaraderie amongst the poll workers.
-To giveing back to the community by giving a little happiness to the kids in the local hospitals.
-To filling the needs of the workers themselves.
You will be able to find out where to go. What activities surround the chapter in your area. Where the new chapters are or if you would like to start a chapter in your area.

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For more information contact: Helen Uvalles, Events Manager